Oli Dadswell

Founder/ Director/ Editor

Experienced Post Production Professional from the UK

Trained at the world renowned “Mill London”

“My time at the Mill London gave me a massive amount of invaluable industry experience and a huge amount of knowledge about post production techniques. I worked on commercial TV Projects including Multimillion Dollar Superbowl spots. I learned a lot about delivering projects to deadline and with the finest attention to detail.

Inspired by Nature

and a Sense of Adventure

Now Producing Beautiful Digital Media Content in Dominican Republic

“I’m constantly inspired by the contrast between high and low, deep and shallow, light and dark. I want to widen perspectives and capture moments from different and unexpected angles. In my images I want to show the undiscovered and unknown… the world that the human eye doesn’t normally see

We’re here to capture your amazing moments!

Through Creative Storytelling, Innovation & Sheer Determination

Please consider that a typical high quality video production requires a significant amount of professional video equipment; supplied by EyeFly Films. This typically includes 2x 4k cameras, quality lenses and filters, stabilisation and rigging, batteries and storage, audio recording, lighting and modifiers, drones etc. The cost to rent this gear from a camera rental house would be at least US$500 per day, but is included in the Videography Day Rate at EyeFly Films.

EyeFly Films day rate for Videography is US$1000 per day. This includes rental of all my professional equipment. A full list of gear provided by EyeFly Films is available on request.

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