Oli Dadswell

Founder/ Director/ Editor

Experienced Post Production Professional from the UK

Trained at the world renowned “Mill London”

“My time at the Mill London gave me a massive amount of invaluable industry experience and a huge amount of knowledge about post production techniques. I worked on commercial TV Projects including Multimillion Dollar Superbowl spots. I learned a lot about delivering projects to deadline and with the finest attention to detail.

Inspired by Nature

and a Sense of Adventure

Now Producing Beautiful Digital Media Content in Dominican Republic

“I’m constantly inspired by the contrast between high and low, deep and shallow, light and dark. I want to widen perspectives and capture moments from different and unexpected angles. In my images I want to show the undiscovered and unknown… the world that the human eye doesn’t normally see

Helping Brands and Businesses reach their audience

Through Creative Storytelling, Innovation & Heart

When planning your video please consider that a typical high quality video production requires a significant amount of professional recording equipment, planning, preparation, and experience. High quality content is generally not cheap and cheap content is generally not high quality.

A typical shoot utilizes 1-2x 4k cameras, high quality lenses and filters, stabilisation and rigging, batteries and storage, audio recording, lighting and modifiers, drones etc. The cost to rent this basic professional gear from a camera rental house would be at least US$500 per day, but is included in the Videography Day Rate at EyeFly Films. A full list of gear provided by EyeFly Films is available on request.

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